"Superb service and quality all round. I'd heartily recommend EALP to anyone I talk to."
Joseph Mlongi

EALP offers an Institution Evaluation and Accreditation service.

The Institution Evaluation and Accreditation service reviews and assesses key criteria, which include:

  • legal registration and ownership
  • references and recommendations, including other accreditations, approvals and validations
  • institution mission, aims and objectives
  • institution courses and learners
  • institution structure and staffing
  • institution administration and policies
  • institution quality assurance processes

Following EALP's review and assessment of the key criteria of an institution, EALP will provide a final Evaluation and Accreditation service document including:

  • Activity Summary - explaining what the Institution Evaluation and Accreditation service entailed.
  • Results and Outcomes Summary - assessing whether the institution is evaluated as achieving the standards required by EALP, in terms of the key criteria.
  • Institution Summary - an assessment of the institution which submitted itself for the evaluation.