"Superb service and quality all round. I'd heartily recommend EALP to anyone I talk to."
Joseph Mlongi
EALP's Services

EALP is a not-for-profit organisation formed to provide evaluation and accreditation services for professional education and training institutions. EALP provides evaluation and accreditation services for private, non-state sponsored institutions. EALP offers an evaluation and accreditation service for individual institutions, and for courses developed and offered by individual institutions; EALP does not provide these services for government-owned or government-run institutions, or for universities, or for degree courses, or for medical or engineering courses.

The EALP Board is composed of internationally respected, experienced and qualified members all of whom have been or are involved in quality education and learning provision, course writing, design and development, and EALP is able to call upon the services of a range of international and independent external experts depending on the services required by EALP clients.

EALP's evaluation and accreditation services are based upon Quality Assurance Frameworks - one for institutions, one for institution's courses - incorporating generally accepted international principles for the evaluation of quality and standards of provision.

EALP provides an independent evaluation of the quality of institutions and/or courses, and of the institution's commitment to quality provision and quality standards, and to best practice. EALP has the flexibility to undertake - or decline to undertake - evaluation and accreditation services, for a wide range of institutions and courses, including courses which fall outside of a purely academic (normally government set) framework.